“There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my templates; my philosophy is kindness.” – Dalai Lama

July 2018 & August 2018 Events


Brent Land Brent Land                   

For the month of July we will be exploring “How To Die A Good Death” .  We will be talking about how to be prepared to die so the burden doesn’t fall on your love ones.  We will also be exploring the process of death from the hospice view and the Buddhist views.  The goal for this month is to open a dialog about something people have a hard time talking about.and to take the fear out it.

Margie Nowak
For the month of August we will discuss Mindfulness and the Negativity Bias.  The negativity bias allowed our ancestors to learn behaviors that became hardwired in the brains of their descendants in order to avoid danger and stay alive.


That bias remains part of people’s brains today and impacts their wellbeing in many ways.  The good news is that the negativity bias can be overcome through mindfulness, and the tangled knots of association can be loosened and untied.  (Rick Hanson)
Buddhist psychotherapy, which has been adopted in the last several decades, is a novel approach to the clinical practice of mental health. It combines aspects of conventional psychotherapy with traditional Buddhist psychological theory and practice.


The next board meeting will take place Wednesday, July 11th, from 5:30 pmto about 6:30 pm at the TubacBuddhist Meditation Center.